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Disclamier-Downloading an emulator is not illegal,on the

other hand,downloading rom images,that you do not posses  the original commercial cartridge for is!!!Neither me,nor my providers,will be held responsible for anything you may download from the sites listed!!!You have been warned!!!



 Emus     Romz   Warez Info   Misc

09/01/97-Site has opened,this site will be dedicated to emulators and roms for most major console systems.I do have a roms of the week section and will provide updated links to the best places for both emulators and roms.

09/10/97-I finally been able to update this page,due to small dificulties this week,I was not able to update when I wanted to!!I now plan to add a small news page onto this site,now I know emu news service,and others already do this and do this better,I'd just like to put up a few things they may leave out.You may see this page up either this week or the next!!

09/23/97 - I know I've been late on updating this page,I just started I knew job and haven't had the time,sorry.A full update will becoming shortly.On another note I just went by the dump,one of my favorite rom pages,and I seen that he's been having problems with some one stealing his links and page,I like the dump,it's a good site and I know many of you feel the same,so in support of them,I'm asking that all of you who visit my page please contact the provider of his page at clicking the feedback link and logging a complaint against his web page at ,as there polices do not include banning stolen webpages!!!Linking  to other people's roms is bad enough but the guy actually stole some of his pages and posted them as his own work!!!!Linking roms is just being an asshole thing to do and ruins the best pages and the whole emu/rom scene!!!Please tell this asshole what you think!!!You can e-mail him at

   Link section!!

Emulator Sites And Roms Sites

 The Rombox

Incredible,as good as IHOR once was,a must see,(seems to be down,I'll keep checkin though!!!)

 Emulation games

                 Good Site,Roms(gen,snes),emus,and links to other rom pages.                   Snesmerism.Inc

Great snes only 100+ roms.


Great lots o roms all systems,news,links,and emus

 Rpg Emulation

Good all Rpg Roms and translations

 Emu News Service

All the news about emulation you could want

 Brian's Emualtion page

Emus and links to rom pages


Good place to go to find translations

 Snes Games

Good,Many roms and they're Rated too

 The Emulator Ring

200 + Links to lot of Emu/Rom pages (Many dead links)

 The Source!

Lots of roms Nes Snes and Genesis


Good emus,news,links to other rom pages

The Dump

Great site 100+ games for Tg16 and the Sega Genesis.

Miscellaneous Sites I just like!!

 Evil People.Inc

Selling your soul on a buyers market

 Game Hints&Cheats

Self expanitory!!

 Multi Player Online Game Directory

Good Place to find free betas of new multi player games

 Ten's File Factory

Lots of demos ,but a good place to find patches,cheats,and new levels

for most major games!!

Warez Info

Lookin for old warez  friendly ops and lots of leechin???

Then come to #warez oldies on irc

on any newnet server.Here's one incase you need it: port:6667

If you need help while there just /msg wolf666

or any other ops

Come and give us a try!!

Channel ops and fserves are ususally on after 10:00 PM

Greetz to:

^nike^ - Founder and head op

Sass' - op

PrImEevI - op

Tiny1000 - op

Nerumanc - op

Drowner - op

Tava - Not an op , my girlfriend : )

And all the other ops I have yet to meet!!

Roms of the Week

This seems to be the week of the topdown shooter,and also

the second week of genesis roms,and now download the new king of genesis emulation...KGEN!!!

  Crackdown - One of my favorite old arcade games.A top down shooter.
Elemental Master - A good yet difficult top down shooter.

 Kgen - Well with better sound,compatability,and ease of use, with most genesis games,I'd have to say,in my humble opinion,that Kgen is the king of genesis emulation!!!



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